About me

I don't have two lives. This is one life, and the personal pictures and the assignment work are all part of it. Annie Leibovitz

My name is Merarí Biancucci. I am a commercial, portrait and fashion photographer from Argentina and at the moment, I'm splitting my time between Buenos Aires and Los Angeles, plus other adventures on the way...

I like trying new things, finding new challenges, projects and adventures; always pushing the limits.

A few months ago I realized that most of my artistic, personal and representative work was hidden so I decided to get myself exposed and create this site to show my real crazy, curious and eclectic photography personality.

Things you should know about me…
I love tea, cooking, walking and swimming. I'm obsessed with languages and I have and insane ability to learn them, so far I can speak Spanish, English and French. I've spent my childhood in a small town with a population of 750. I've been always related to art, specially theatre (I played roles in three different languages). I love to explore the world and travel so I'll be super excited (seriously) if you put me on a plane now!

Merarí Biancucci